1000ml thin wall container mould-Suitable for In-mould-labl-Top plastic mould making manufacture in China.

1000ml thin wall container mould-Suitable for In-mould-labl

JACI mould is professional thin wall container mould manufacture in China, Good cooling system , High speed cycle time. we can manufacture the container wall thickness can be 0.36mmto 0.55mm for multi-cavities,we can also make thin wall container mould suitable for label, in which the prefabricated plastic label is positioned directly into the mould by a special handling robot. Guarantee the moulds life 1million,using steel S136 with hardness 42-48 after vacuum heating treatment. Hardened steel enriched with chromium enabling fast cycling, Mould long life and reliability.
Long-lasting final product high-quality for large production.

1. core  /cavity  mould material: S136
 2. runner system:1tip hot runner
 3.ejection:air ejector
 4.cycle time:24seconds
 5. injection machine weight: 250T
 6. mould size:520*320*380mm.
 7. cavity & core hardness of steel : nitrured to 42-48 HRC
  8. lead time : About 45days for the first mould testing
 9. mould life:more than 1000,000 shots
10.mirror polishing
11. mold base: LKM standard , HASCO,JLS,DEM etc
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