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pail mould

JACI MOULD for pail made of PP or HDPE, with/without monolithic handle of different colour and material, suitable for IML process (electrostatic and not).
-Moldmax material application in mould core&cavity
pail mould-Multi-cavity mould design and tooling ability
-fast&optimal cooling system design for high speed injection 

Product name:10Lpainting bucket mould
Product description:Seal proof systen design
Mould cavity:1cavity
Mould size:480*480*680mm
Suitable machine:380T haitian machine
Mould material:DIN1.2738,core top using Coper Berylium
Mould life:2M
Runner system:1points YUDU hot runner , point gate
Ejection system:stripper plate
Mould running:Full automaticity
Mould features:
The application of Copper Beryllium leads to best cooling effect
Stroke switch controls ejection process precisely
Oil and water integrator is more convenient for application and operation
Copper guide bush, abrasion resistance and prolong the mould life
Injection cycle time:22seconds(high speed injection machine)
Delivery time:45days
The country of mould'client:South Africa

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