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food container mould

JACI MOULD for food container mould , made of PP or HDPE, with/without monolithic handle of different colour and material, suitable for IML process (electrostatic and not).
food container mould-Multi-cavity mould design and tooling ability

-fast&optimal cooling system design for high speed injection
-Moldmax material application in mould core&cavity


Mould name : 1000ml container MOULD
Mould cavity:2cavity
Suitable machine:250T Haitian machine
product introducion:%100 leakage proof container produce
Mould steel:Cavuty,core and side:DIN1.2316 harden to 52-55HRC
Mould base:LKMS50C
Hot runner:2 point Yudo hot runner valve gate system
Life time:>5M time.
Injection cycle time:4.2-5seconds
Delivery time:45days
The country of mould'client:
Saudi Arabia

Tai Zhou Huangyan jaci Mould Factory

Address:Maofeng Road Xinqian Industrial Zone Huangyan Taizhou City Zhejiang Province China